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GWINSTEK GDS-1052-U Demonstration

Demonstration of dual channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope Tye GWINSTEK GDS-1052-U
Leizel De sosa : I have no ability to test accuracy✦✦>    It has been very helpful on a project I am working on. Very pleased with it and recommend.
master Gizmo : Thank you peter
ChromeTombz : Hi! How do you set it to AC coupling ?

GW Instek - GPT-9000 Series Safety Tester Basic Operation

GPT-9000 Series Safety Tester Basic Operation

#GWInstek #SafetyTester

More Detail:
sourieutpr derpoirut : I had purchased two other models of different brands prior to this one✦✦>   and both were defective when received, so I ended up going with this one and I am that glad I did. It works great for everything I have needed it for with my school lessons.

GW INSTEK GPD-3303S Review

The GW Instek GPD-3303S Programmable Linear DC Power Supply can be picked up for a great price, either new or used. Watch as I put mine through its paces.

Buy it here:

Linear power supply unit provides a constant source of DC voltage and for powering and testing electronic devices

Two outputs supply adjustable voltage up to 30VDC and current up to 3 amp

Third output supplies fixed voltage of 2.5V, 3.3V, or 5VDC and current of 3 amp

Digitally controlled knobs for fine and coarse adjustment of voltage and current output

1mV/1mA resolution for observing the device under test's response to small changes in voltage and current
マグプザオリカルド : I think the power supply is telling the true value and not the UNI-T UT61E DMM you have, I got a problem/s with UNI-T Meter products. Especially when getting a precise reading. I always used FLUKE products though expensive but it's way more reliable than UNI-T. :)
Aleksey Borisov : I think the shorting clip allows you to connect either CH1 negative or CH2 positive posts to the ground post.
tablatronix : wow this revision is totally different, the entire front board is reversed also.
Reymil Tatad : Hi, could you help me please. Our GW INSTEK GPD-3303S is limited to 4.5DCV only. IT can't exceed to that Voltage. It can be asjusted down to 4.5DCV but can't exceed to that. tia
Eresko Vladimir : Have anybody found really working guide for calibration this definite version of GPD-3303S?
I tried to follow calibration guide from GPD3303SM.pdf but sequence of buttons doesn't correspond to this version because of different firmware version and as result different interface screen was shown.
Mike Frith : Have you seen issues with overshoot on Channel 3? That seems to be an issue with some of the 3303S.
K2DO : Nice informative VID,
Thanks Mate,
Phil Spargo : Thanks for the review!
I found the calibration manual:
David Harms : Thank you for putting the detail into this review.. I am looking for a no frills yet good quality power supply that offers low noise, 0 over shoot and 1mv/1ma resolution. It looks like this might fit the bill. the Korads are tempting but as you say I need at-least two of them which puts me at 260 dollar range...

It looks like the internal topology is very similar to the Atten and Siglent supplies Dave Jones did tear downs on. very curious :)




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