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올드카 마니아 다듀 개코의 BMW 325i 리얼 시승기

[자동차도 쁘띠 성형시대!]
스크래치, 문콕 등 자잘한 상처부터 쾅 찍힌 자국까지!
이젠 자동차도 성형하는 시대!
감쪽같이 상처를 지워주는 덴트 복원의 세계부터
집에서 따라할 수 있는 초간단 셀프 복구 꿀팁까지~
자동차 복원의 달인과 함께 예뻐지는 자동차 쁘띠 시술에 대해 알아본다.

#그 남자 그 여자의 차
[힙합 대부 개코의 차 'BMW 325i']
평소 올드카 수집가들 사이에선 소문난 올드카 덕후!
다이나믹 듀오 '개코'가 카톡쇼에 떴다!
완전한 모습을 지닌 BMW 325i를 갖기 위해 3번이나 같은 차를 구매했던 웃픈 역사!
현재도 데일리카로 주행을 하며 유별난 사랑을 쏟고 있다고 하는데~
올드카에서도 느껴지는 개코 스웨그에 대해 전격 탐구해본다!

#Weekly choice car
[고품격 제네시스 스토리]
대한민국 자동차 수준을 한층 높여준 H사의 프리미엄 브랜드, 제네시스!
그중에서도 품격있는 자태를 뽐내는 대형 세단, EQ900!
출시 9개월이 지난 지금까지도 승승장구!
대체 왜! 대형 세단 내에 1위를 굳건히 지키고 있는지
카톡쇼 패널들이 직접 파헤쳐본다!

대한민국 토종 자동차 프로그램 카톡쇼!
매주 금요일 밤 12시 30분

This 32-Year-Old BMW 325i (E30) Is One of The Best BMW's Ever Made!

( ) The E30 BMW is known for many things; laser sharp handling, stylish looks, and rugged reliability. But it is also one of the coolest, quirkiest, trendiest, and down right rad car to come from the 1980's. Here is Why.

#BMW #e30 #BMWconvertible
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MsCelicagt4 : Very good video. The styling of the E30 despite being boxy has aged so well. Just looks great in the midst of modern blandness.
Puls3 : Not every thing has to be the coupe....maky
John Vineyard : I love my 87 325ic, Best $1,000 I ever spent. Much prettier than the new ones.
Harry Titus : I have had my 1990 E30 since 1995. And I still do not understand why this particular model keeps getting so many Raves because frankly I have never liked this vehicle. I prefer the 80 to 1995 5 Series. Smoother, more comfortable, and frankly just runs better. I've been trying to sell this thing since I purchased it back in 95. This nice looking car looks almost new but I just don't like it. Rough ride don't care for the handling, but nice styling. Has only 57k miles.
L K : Automatic
REALSlutHunter : 15:05 "Even by today standards" ? should it not be "especially by today standards" :)

20:22 Nooooooooooooooo. Facelift Versions are the ones with plastic bumpers and bigger back lights :)

Facelift (technically it's the second facelift, the first was in 9/1985) is 9/87 and beyond.
But for convertible it's 1990.

My 325i (facelift version with cat, so it doenst have the better no cat 98 octane engine from the older ones)
with 3.73 limited slip Differential, rev limiter at 7200, and 95 octane "Super Plus" gasoline, do 0-60 in 7.4 on a hot sommer day.
Tires: 205/55/15 on BMW/BBS Kreuzspeiche Wheels
Wheel weight with tire: 15kg

REALSlutHunter : I like this guy, he threats the E30 like a gem !
The Retro Geek : Awesome video about the E30,great 80s vibe in it too...
Ozman Balfas : you are 22 yo and you are already so good at what you do, keep the good work
Arnd Schockemöhle : Very nice film an i like it. But at 17:50 something is going wrong, is told wrong because the gas springs of the box lid are tired. The gas springs of the softtop are tired too! After changing both gas springs, totally four, the box lid is hold up "automatically" und the human arm not longer used to fix it opened as we see it in the video. The soft top is pulled up by the other two gas springs und one small, human, female hand is enough to move it complete. Greatings vom Germany.

In Depth Tour BMW 325i M Edition [E90] LCi (2012) - Indonesia

In Depth Tour BMW 325i M Edition [E90] LCi (2012) - Indonesia
Vidi TJ : Mesin CC nya berapa tuh ..
pemerintahan jaksel : dijual ngak om B mobilnya?
Sahidan Rifai : Harganya berapa nih kalo bekas?
Harryanto Saja : Om B - review 320i F30 M-Sport (Bukan trim sport) dong. Krn banyak org anggap kedua type itu sama.Bahkan seorang car reviewer tdk menerima koreksi dari saya. #penting
ZtarKing : Mau tanya.. Kalo yang ini pajaknya pertahun brp? / yang seri 325i e90 biasa bukan yang M series..
Reiza Mochamad Fachrezi : om kalo e90 320i, brp cyl ?
ZHAVIR 29 : Tenaga turun ya om
Singgih Pramudita : 5:03 walaikumsalam
Faiz Simanjuntak : Bang riviw mobil Nissan Terrano oh
Ardian Binuril Fahmi : Di google tenaganya 215hp om?




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