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#230: How to install a BNC connector on RG-58 coax | DIY Repair

This short video shows how to install a crimp style BNC connector onto RG-58 50 ohm coax. Installation of other crimp style coaxial connectors will be similar. Note that the connectors are specific to the type of coax being used, and having the correct crimping tool is really a necessity. You can optionally (carefully) solder the center pin, and optionally finish up with some heat shrink tubing for clean professional look.

BNC launch makes history

BNC makes history this month as the first news network in the U.S. to tell stories 24/7 that matter the most to the Black community.

Founded by J.C. Watts and Bob Brilliante, the network’s mission is to provide intelligent programming that is informative, educational, entertaining, inspiring and empowering to its African American audience.

BNC is the nation’s only provider of 24/7 cable news programming created “by people of color for people of color.”

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BNC Military Analyst talks Biden's executive actions on gun violence

President Biden is expected to announce executive actions aimed to address gun violence on Thursday. The six-point plan targets ghost guns and stabilizing braces, among other initiatives. BNC Military Analyst and former Republican nominee for Virginia's House of Delegates, Adam Roosevelt, joined "Start Your Day" with Sharon Reed and Mike Hill to discuss the proposed legislation. Roosevelt said he does not think Biden's executive actions will not appease many. Citing the president's campaign promises of instituting universal background checks and other measures, Roosevelt said it would not satisfy those who care about the issue because the actions are in the "middle ground."
To watch Start Your Day and other BNC programming, visit
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