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Patty Loveless "You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive"

A video I put together with some old pictures and a great tune. antonio strohs. Written by the wonderful Darrell Scott.
*When I made the video several years ago I didn't who Popcorn Sutton was... I was just looking for photos of rustic figures from Appalachia. and that one popped up during a search with NO NAME attached to it.

Darrell Scott - You'll never leave Harlan alive (Justified)

From Album ''Aloha from Nashville'' - 1997
I felt it needed to be shared.

All right reserved Darrell Scott

"YOU'LL NEVER LEAVE HARLAN ALIVE", musical composition administered by
EMI Music Publishing

Harlan County, USA 1976

The coal miners of Harlan County Kentucky want to unionise and their employers are not happy about it. The miners go on strike assisted by their families and the community. Picket lines are broken by outsiders, but the strike carries on as corruption in high places is exposed. A harmless looking middle aged lady pulls out a snubnose from the front of her cleavage and waves it about at a union meeting, out of frustration and anger, which is one of my favourite scenes in this brilliant documentary directed by Barbara Kopple and released in time, incidentally, to win the Oscar for Best Documentary in 1976.
I don't own the copyright, and hope to share with all.




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